Welcome to our Online Archive.

Since its formation the Trust has collected and been given many photographs, documents and other artefacts relating to the Norfolk Wherry.  We also have in our archive all the Trust’s publications.

Around 2010 one of our volunteers (Martin Symes) took on the task of making our archive available to the general public and successfully applied for grants from the now defunct Broads Sustainable Development Fund to obtain funding for the enabling software and hardware. The rest is as they say “history” !

Online Access.

Some records simply record the existence of a document or artefact (e.g. early Trust papers) and that is all you will be able to ascertain. For photographs, Trust publications and other historical documents you will be able to view these online provided you have the appropriate software to open the file in question (mainly .jpg’s and .pdf’s). Note the first screen of results shows summary details, use the “More detail >>” option to see further information including file details such as PDF files that may be read in full. Page numbers of articles are gradually being added for these items to allow direct access to each. For PDF files, the image shown will be a scan of the cover, to read the document, select the “More detail >>” option and then  “click” on the PDF>> link on the lhs.

It must be stressed that this is an ongoing project as we will periodically release more items to the online archive (currently monthly). If you find any problems in content or operation or have additional information please use our website contact form.

(Note. Users of Phones or Tablets are advised to use “Desktop Mode”).


Whilst it is possible to work through the archive item-by-item best use is made by using the Search facility. This can be a wherry name, location, person’s name etc. A search for publication for example will return all the Trusts publications currently on the system. The content of a publication cannot be searched but article titles will be. (Note some later PDF files are digital documents and can be searched using the Adobe menu within the document, we are also running OCR software on older PDFs as time allows to enable them to be searched as well).

Note there is no implied search for multiple targets, that is if you want to search for “Albion” AND “Mast” you search for “Albion” and then search for “Mast” within the previous search results.

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A word about Copyright.
The Norfolk Wherry Trust takes the protection of copyright very seriously. However our Archive has been built up over many years by various individuals and unfortunately the origin of some items is uncertain. While in many cases the copyright of the source material will have expired in other cases the owner of the copyright is not known. If any item displayed within this section of our website breaches any individual’s copyright, please contact us and we will either remove the offending item immediately or provide a copyright release form to formalise the use of the item.

The Trust itself will hold copyright on some of the content.

Subject to these issues we are prepared to consider providing higher resolution copies of images if asked, free of charge, for personal use only (i.e not for republication).

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